Saturday, December 04, 2004

Resistance Preserves One Conscious

You Jane and John Q Public have been encrusted with the Right wingnut slung lube grease usually called propaganda, disguised misinformation, spun so the toy of truth they are allowed to play with entertains your consciousness within their sphere of toxic villainy.

I played army thru my preteen years, 1960's. The Vietnam War often entered our evening television time, making us somewhat conscious of our soldiers fate. In this, a time of media overexposure how else is it possible for a public willing to sacrifice its children so easily, if not for fine-tuned media betrayal to the truth. That spin being beyond the general publica conceptions and beyond acquiescence with fair and balanced reporting. I share with you a few opportunities to wake up, becoming conscious, befriend in a sense those who see this battle so encouraged, and give our loved ones so easily for.

I struggle each day trying to rationalize what it is that justifies the American Christian support for Bush and his agenda of war. The two in my mind don’t meld well, they are opposing principles, or is that the Christian character, holding contradictory principles for life (morals). Am I so wrong in just asking this question about the character of most Christians, as some have expressed with such hatefulness?

This phenomenon is not just a phantom ghost who haunts only the middle eastern states, the shadowy presents’ of this ghost, shades our cumulative cognizance of clear vision like an epidemic, a viral plague. It is from racist conception, it is emotionally born and is nurtured thru hate eventually maturing in violence. Some see this, but thru circumvented efforts of those whom harbors this phantom our view is blurred. The very evil we claim to fight has invaded and taken control, resist taking steps to self exorcize for goodness sake.

Our soldiers will die and have died by more than a thousand now, our efforts to stop this have not been enough, our shame in the estimates of 100,000 to 200,000 civilian deaths (not counting Fallujah) is out of distribution and I presume will be damned to be forever covered. I say here and now I feel deeply ashamed and as guilty as those whose commands effectuated their deaths and injury.

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