Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Defiance in the Land of the Free

"We were taught the Earth is like our mother, and we have to take care of our mother because she gives us life. The Earth, the air, the water and the sun are all sacred to us and they are being destroyed, polluted and contaminated. For us, this is like spiritual genocide."  Carrie Dann, a diminutive Western Shoshone grandmother
Defiance in the Land of the Free
    By Nicola Graydon
    The Sunday Times Magazine UK  original

    Sunday 23 April 2006

A Native American woman is at war with the US. For 30 years she's been fighting to keep her ancestral land - and now the United Nations is on her side.
Wonder if it will do her, them, us any good to start to believe in karma. I do believe in a collective consciences and how powerful that can be, just look at Christianity today, and yesterday. Society collectively sharing the same ideology will make something seem more true. Karma is a natural type of justice, maybe I should believe in Karma, or maybe I might just find me a school to teach me law so I might go down with the few others fighting for this injustice for generations, and generations into tomorrow. Not only the western Shoshone suffer so do every other tiny voice with a cause, a justifiable reason, is just to live verses the oppressors reasons of profit.

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