Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I am posting here more because I won't work in my wood shop taking pain meds. Might be why I can not sleep, I can not stand the nausea that comes with the meds so no longer taking them. Also pain is bearable now and no longer needed. Normally pain I tolerate very well without medication, but maybe it is age or maybe just the times and my state of mind.

Waking me up about now, reminding me that this is not my diary would be a good thing a good friend would do right now, or an ex screaming shut the hell up. I can't no longer. I have to admit things.

I hate G.W. Bush too, and I hate to hate anyone or anything, but he made me do it. It is his actions, decisions, people, associates, policy, morals yes morals or lack of, and almost everyone that agrees or voted for him, I think I hate all about it, him and these times. No more wondering on this people, I do hate something now. I do admit to that.

You see, I really do not give a big fat rats ass what you might think of me. Before tonight, I did. I wanted you to see an atheist with some morals, some churching, and lots of love. Well the mutter ruckers, all of em, can all go take all that is left of our pride, profits, morals, laws, and more laws, character, justice, international respect, self respect, education, health care, environment, humanity, empathy, on and on endless day after day while night after night war, death, crime, rape, torture, covert ops, black ops, corporate crimes go on and on ON the flip side of this common rock we share [fight over]. It has made me sick.

Yeah analyze, anal-izer-size, analyze .... Then try to figure out how the hell to enjoy such a day as these days. And the sorry low life carpet baggers sons of such, are still there, doing the same ol bullshit of pulling the woo-wool over your dumb shit ass' eyes and you wonder why the fuck you can't afford whatever. Well, I am going to Peru live or die, yep alive or dead in a vase is where I will be, Peru, Machu Pichu (do I have too, ok, sp again or not).

aybe I should start a blog diary, I have one paper and bound similar to a book written in pen so it needs editing. I will post any disagreeing comments on this or any post I have here, just none about spelling or grammar I know people read words by the shapes mostly, and who knows besides you how to spell, best.

My mind does not work well under the pressures of hate, I do not rant well like the leftwing goddess' and gods, I do not deal with hate it is my creed and when it comes from within it is a battle to keep it well, in control, but I do.

Chris calls me up last night, ask if I have finished the 'Dick Chaney trophy Texas Lawyer Gun Cabinet' yet. I laugh, clear my throat and ask him if he knows what tf I have been through the past week. He wants to be biggest barker to sell it, I told him I might just auction it off to be sent to Mr Dick as just that, a trophy and a statement that I hoped this is all he will ever get out of being vise prez-o-matic-puppet master shotgun slinging errrgh I hate to cuss and fuse. How the hell can any empathetic fool these days talk about life these days with any enjoyment. I guess it began way back when, and it did. The dumbing down of America's biggest resource, it's minds.

Being mean no more, it is over, got something for you to get over it too, the anger, the hate, and the guilt. You got a read this, better than the latenight comedians really this stuff is rolling laughing material to be shared. Like sharing a smile, a simple small response, in thanks for such a damn good laugh. Seriously, I read about the South Carolina bill being up for consideration two days ago I think, I thought to myself what a prime obvious member of the elite chosen to hold government office not by you but by the people behind him, 'the family'. Along with myself these , these , and many more people feel our govie loveless :) loveless govie peeps were complacent or behind 911. Yes America your terrorist is the very people you respect so much for their morals, the very people you trust with your dollar, taxed.

good great day to all take care but rant and raise some sound, dust, voice, get mean really mean cause you haven't a clue how mean they really really are.


moma told me not to go

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