Sunday, September 10, 2006

Takes me back, looking back

Stories told me from returning soldiers that served during Kwati in '91, were stories of loads of cash. Buildings, warehouses full of bundles of US greenbacks.
Chaney told Tim Russert, a peculiar thing to justify this illegal war, Sadam would had been setting on huge amounts of cash~" near where he reminded us the misuse of the sanctions. ....
Just telling, as obvious as it is, they push the lies up front but if you listen close .... maybe they justify the lies with particles of the truth. "What part you don't understand here?" ~Chaney grawl .... Lies, lie, more lies. War is peace, what should we understand other than that is just what Chaney is saying.
Have to give credit where due. He does justify the stay in Iraq, very well, as it is due the people of Iraq a stable society. But how can that be possible now, we have to become financier to another face to police Iraq.
Because our American face has become the oppressors in Iraq, and any oppressors are non-democratic but fascist.
People rarely win wars, governments rarely lose them. People get killed. Governments moult and regroup, hydra-headed. They first use flags to shrink-wrap peoples' minds and suffocate real thought, and then as ceremonial shrouds to cloak the mangled corpses of the willing dead.
President George Bush said, "We're a peaceful nation." America's favourite ambassador, Tony Blair, (who also holds the portfolio of Prime Minister of the UK), echoed him: "We're a peaceful people." So now we know. Pigs are horses. Girls are boys. War is Peace.
Back to October 29th in the year 2001.(no registry required, sum) ... Now September 10th 2006 we do know, indeed that war there is peace here so war is indeed peace. We get it, we got it then, more get it now .... "what don't you get?".

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