Monday, February 19, 2007

The Hotel Aftermath

Who is blogging this story, and take note of who is not after you read the second part in a special 'concerning' Report . . . The Hotel Aftermath
On the other side, it is said this is just a Marxist tactic sense our urging against a surge, or did they intend to purge seeing the news of the violence despite the surge.

No one with a conscience can agree the soldiers are treated well, as we see most are not. This is not how it should be, nor should we privatize because the government body is a failure.

Doubt it can all be blamed on the principal of responsible self, or a conspiracy to privatize the health care given to veterans, but rather a trait common in all the Bucking Bush supporters, denial.

Even as they prepare their own rebuttals, I doubt they bother to read or even look see what the wounded vets looks like, they couldn't live with themselves.

Rather they choose to state fair treatment would be socialism, Marxism. Smells of 'The Family' stench that holds high the history of Hitler as if even he was a choice player in humanity, or how else would g_d allow such inhumanity. A common creed among the Great White Way Politico, which the Haliban has picked so much sweet fruit from.

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