Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Journalistic Grit vs Impunity for the Evangelicals

Ethics in media mattered, way back whenever time we lost ethics of the media. Corporate control culminated near pre-Powell post to the FCC, and each day holds its greedy fists over our ears and eyes. It seems what every talking head is avoiding, and every functioning mind is thinking. I missed the sentence in question in the article, ‘Kerry and the Gift of Impunity’ By Naomi Klein, because I couldn’t read further than the description of the Marlboro soldier, nausea set in. It is far past the point to define danger, as we believed the miscues, unarmed masquerading armed with weapons of mass destruction tele-viewed weapons of mass deception. As Klein describes, we see danger in telling truth, in free speech, we traverse our own principles. The idea of impunity is what caused the nausea, I like most reasonablely balanced people with a slight tendency too be intolerant of injustice once aware are sick of impunity freely practiced by those in situations of power.

The places of power we expect to be also sensitive to impunity are the journalists in the press. Some are fighting to keep their sources hidden, and some seem to have laid down to the fight to uphold ethics concerning their public service only a few speak out. I do not buy into the false objectivity claim, but agree with Morley Safer "This war is going to be more of a lingering disease than Vietnam. I do not see any resolution."

Calling it nonpartisan, "Voting in 2004: Report to the Nation on America's Election Process," with moderators, special speakers, congress mostly democrats will gather today and report to the nation. Where are the nations most watched media, where will we hear or see what this group declares? Noticing the sponsorships results will be also online, as that is where rumors and innuendoes begin. I would be surprised if they agreed on the defining number of votes to define a true mandate, as I think it should be well more than 75%.

Talk about where has the grit gone in true grit journalism, I think I found it, it resides in those braving the storm in Iraq, but residues in Russell Mokhiber. It was a legitimate question, one that should have been repaid with an answer, I sure as hell would like to know.


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