Saturday, December 11, 2004

Seasons Ignored

It usually snows in parts of Ohio in the winter, but lake effect snows blanket the eastern parts of the state leaving the rest just cold, ignored. We people, so few it seems now that are fallowing the vote recount news out of Ohio know that they should dress for cooler weather. For the most ignored populace by the media, most being a very large percentage of Americans are just cold with defeat, isolation, and acceptance. They have been ignored, their right to know has been ignored. Those who should know that there are even hearings proceeding has been ignored. Left in the dark cold, ignored, and people everywhere do not even know to ask the press to tell them, and why should they ask, it is over. On December 12 the electors go to Washington to place the presumed peoples isolated votes in officialese, today the people’s vote seems still isolated, segregated, and unaccepted by the likes of great courageous men in Ohio. Mostly Democratic, Independent but not one Republican seeming refusing to recognize the coming changes of seasons, they ignore the vote recount hearings. Efforts not only in Ohio, but in Washington state, Florida, Nevada votes tallies are being challenged, votes placed on Diebold, American Information Systems, and optical scanning machines, some electronic vote tally programs. All hack able electronic at some point, non traceable but not completely, but the guardians of the machines, software and computers to compile the votes are partisan and ignore the request to test said encrypted software, republican. The voters right to know how their vote is, was and will be counted is ignored.

Rice has her job, Bernard Kerik sited personal reasons for stepping down as Bush’s appointee to head Homeland Security. Immigration status of a former house keeper, private holdings in Taser International estimated at around $6 million, being senior vise president of Giuliani Partners a consulting firm for securities industry. The Taser International stock value has multiplied over the past year sense sales of stun guns to police forces around the country have gone thru the roof, despite the debates about proper use and public outrages of misuse.

Rice already has painted face toward the world, from the inside out, to restitute relations with the world, but can she shake the cobwebs of lies she broadcasted from the bull pit. Seasons bring change, sometimes great changes, and we really never know when or how great until we are in the thick of it. The reality of the threat thru evidence pre-911 was ignored, the truths for war were ignored, the coming storm from our falling dollar is now ignored. I guess the real Bush supporters voted to ignore reality, and live in la la Bushla land, which is nicely fitting you I must say. Lies paint your world as you would have it. Muslims just see your hatred, racism so you are so afraid of your hatred, because you blame them for it. You must liberate them from your painted la la Bushla world into your Bushla hell for freedoms sake. Nah., I don’t believe all republicans are that naive, or ignorant.

One of the main manufacturers of these optical scanners and electronic touch-screen voting machines is Diebold, Inc. More than 35 counties in Ohio alone used the Diebold machines on Tuesday, and millions of voters across the country did the same. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Diebold gave $100,000 to the Republican National Committee in 2000, along with additional contributions between 2001 and 2002 which totaled $95,000. Of the four companies competing for the contracts to manufacture these voting machines, only Diebold contributed large sums to any political party. The CEO of Diebold is a man named Walden O'Dell. O'Dell was very much on board with the Bush campaign, having said publicly in 2003 that he is "committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year." Truthout

We can wake all those Bushla supporters from their slumber in la la land on January 20, Blue Flu Day. I bet they get to count those dollars, and do not dare use Diebold, or GEM or AIS systems.

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Blogger Wonder said...

Very hard to type with a very large sleeping cat on your propped up legs, leaning left, bending very left, oh well that’s about par.

Very Happy Birthday lil sis, love ya

I added this link to the article
hesitating before to see if anything came up more well fruitful but I guess that’s all the figs we can harvest for now.


Mon Dec 13, 08:50:00 PM EST  
Blogger Wonder said...

The figs are rip for pickens

Bradblog on top branch a shaken

that is ....

Curtis looks more legitimate each day ... he programed the programs to snatch votes ... the programs for diebold, AIS, and GEM software was pre-programed to count more votes for the republicans ... they stole the election ... and this is America ?

More at

follow the links, write e-mails to cnn, cbs, abc, nbc.

Mon Dec 13, 10:56:00 PM EST  

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