Thursday, December 09, 2004

When it Became OK to Tell a Lie

I remember a pointed question after a nice quiet thanksgiving dinner, ‘When did it become ok to lie"? I took that at first without saying a word a history quiz, for I had no answer. I pondered a moment on the political aspects of the question being raised just after the conversation became Clintonia, reminiscing the nineties and the Y2K flashed visual recollections of Star and his felonious secret agent Linda Trip. I attached this era’s religico politico tones to my answer, "Young people learned to lie in tent revivals, churches and Sunday morning evangelistic sermons. They lied to them about why and what they would do with the money if you gave so graciously." People have forgotten so much of the eighties, and seventies even the sixties, maybe memories washed out by a blue dress. Another lie told even to children, as I know as I heard the ‘hellfire and damnation’ warnings myself is the hellfire and damnation of the old time sermons as my uncle refers to that evangelistic blood lust cult part of American Christianity. Tomorrow you might wake up to Armageddon, the rapture and be left behind, so today you must profess ‘I am saved’, I was forced to say those words in tears. It was not a gracious, glorious moment for me being only ten, but it seemed glorious to my sponsor a woman about thirty five, who had whipped me for telling her daughters who were visiting our home about the monkeys in my science books, not text books, I had my own bookshelf almost full. I loved science, at that moment I felt I betrayed everything reasonable, good, non-emotional which is great that I had learned from all my reading. I felt I had betrayed myself, my parents and everything I might have become. I made an oath, so I kept that oath and read only from the bible for fifty two days. In fact I did nothing else other than eat and sleep.

Emotion can guide our love, hate and fear where reason guides our logic even in those areas. It didn’t take me long to come full circle back to the safe place in my own mind where I had so learned myself was reasonable enough to stay. I am not anti-Christian I am anti-Christian militant, as I felt my experience was forced where if there was a God spirit guiding Jesus he did not wish such emotion be enforced to gain his souls, as they would only be slave like.

Back to the lies and the origin of lies are ok, I will add to lies are ok as long as the end justifies the means. Im reading about an organization that was founded by James Dobson and others The Alliance Defense Fund, and the lie they have told. It is not the first time I have read about prominent Christian leaders, organizations and groups spreading lies and twisting the truth of matters just to obscure our secular peaceful ways. When did it become ok to tell a lie?

In a press release the school district in Cupertino, CA tried to lay rest to rumors and lies carried out by The Alliance Defense Fund thru Fox news daytime, prime time and its even ok to lie on Sunday. I guess if that were to happen in my little holler in these Tennessee mountains there would be School districts bombarded with preachers and Bibles. I am sure if our news announced the Declaration of Independence was no longer allowed in school because of the mention of god or the creator, and we were so gullible and so foolish to believe it there should be uproar. But when was it ok to lie, or even to back a lie?

You have to read the story and links to get the full picture as these Christian militants have fog, smoke and mirrors, even lies hidden in their battle gear, and they are good at it too, they fooled Fox although that might not say much about their skill it is telling about their tactics. That is what I am talking about, when it became ok to tell a lie.


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for more indepth reading on the 'agenda' of the Moral motivators directing the path our nation has taken

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