Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Taking A Step Back

Take A Step Back, take a deep breath observe with caution, lots of caution, lots of care not to let the weaker parts of you fall to pieces.

This is real time I write, at this moment, truly humanizing to view such a photograph illustrating such destruction to lives. Stopped in their own moments of living by brut force, unimaginable last moments of life to the point there are no words just the photograph. Anyone can view it and feel the humbleness and compassion for those people in post-time our thoughts and strength should sound out to their passing as a horrible mistake we vow to correct. Forcing our correctiveness in manners that provide the survivors with protections, and embracing them with comfort to overcome.

Falling to pieces, my empathy grew leaps and bounds bringing tears then silence muffling the earlier anger I felt when reading the remarks loudly spewed like words from the core of hate. That post is yet to come as there is much to filter thru, and I am contemplating one issue of giving any such hate a sounding board at all other than to point to and say 'see how you are'.

Taking a step back, strengthening that hate shield that love provides my thoughts are kindly interrupted by a lone ladybug investigating the screen in front of me, I think she is hungry so I seek to find her food seeing how I already provide shelter for her clan.

Coalition for Election Fraud protest the vote

House GOP reverses course on ethics rules, retaining tough standards and reinstating party rule

Looking after taking the step.

The Big Picture: We've gone Map Crazy!


Popular Vote, Population Density

Proportional Electoral Map (my fave)

Red States Feed at Federal Trough, Blue States Supply the Feed So much for self-reliance

Where did their votes come from? (interesting 3D comparo)

County-by-County vote, with Population Self explanatory

Electoral College Over Represents Rural Areas

Voting: Free versus Slave States Look how far we’ve come as a country

Purple America (the sentimental favorite)

Red & Blue World (You know how the States voted; Here's how the World did)

The Kids Are Alright How the Youth of America voted . . .

Demographics versus Geography

2000 vs 2004 County by County Election Results

New America (redistricted)

and just for laughs, Jesusland


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